Textured resin art paint

Fauna -Abstract, Resin Artwork | Textured, Acrylic painting 100% handmade Hand Painted Wall Art on Wooden Panel


Immerse yourself in a world of tactile wonder with an abstract textured painting that defies convention. This captivating artwork merges color and texture in a mesmerizing dance, inviting you to explore its surface as much as its depths. Every stroke and layer creates a symphony of textures that engage the senses, while the composition's abstract form sparks your imagination to embark on a visual journey of boundless interpretation. Through its intricate textures and harmonious chaos, this painting beckons you to experience art in a way that transcends the traditional, inviting you to find your own stories within its textured tapestry.

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Acrylic paint


Width 50cm x Height 40cm x Thickness .

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