Abstract textured acrylic artwork

Mountains -Abstract Artwork | Textured , Resin Acrylic painting 100% handmade Hand Painted Wall Art On Canvas.


Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of a breathtaking landscape where nature's artistry unfolds in hues of textured brown and vibrant blue. Towering mountains, adorned in a rich tapestry of earthy tones, rise majestically against the horizon, their rugged slopes carved by the hands of time. These mountains, etched with crevices and ridges, evoke a sense of grandeur and timelessness.The textured brown palette of the mountains creates a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Nestled at the feet of these majestic peaks lies a tranquil oasis—a pristine blue lake that mirrors the sky above. Its azure waters glisten like a gemstone, mirroring the heavens with a serene and captivating allure. The lake's still surface exudes a sense of calm, as if holding its breath to preserve the harmony of this untouched haven.

But what truly makes this scene a masterpiece is the artistic touch of human intervention. The lake's surface is adorned with a layer of transparent resin, carefully applied to capture and enhance its natural beauty. The resin adds a glossy sheen, magnifying the lake's crystalline depths and creating a surreal effect that blurs the boundary between reality and reflection.

Adding a touch of whimsy to this natural canvas, crushed glass particles are sprinkled onto the resin-covered lake.

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Acrylic paint


Width 76cm x Height 61cm x Thickness .

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