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T-Flower - Abstract Artwork | Textured ,Acrylic painting 100% handmade Hand Painted Wall Art On Canvas.


"T-Flower" is an exceptional abstract art painting that will ignite your imagination. The artwork features a mesmerizing flower motif that draws the viewer's attention. Created with a vibrant color palette of yellow orche, white, navy blue with a little gray color the painting exudes a sense of energy and vitality. "T-Flower" is a captivating piece that celebrates the beauty of nature through an abstract lens, making it a perfect addition to any art collection.

Experience the captivating allure of abstract, textured, acrylic wall art, 100% handmade and hand-painted on canvas. Each artwork is meticulously created on stretched cotton canvas, using Winsor and Newton and Liquitex branded acrylic paints and products. The canvas is primed with clear gesso for a smooth surface and sealed with acrylic varnish to protect the artwork. Please note that the frame is not included, and the edges of the canvas are also painted. Each of my paintings is personally signed on the back.

Thank you for your interest in my work; it is truly appreciated.

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Abstract paint, Acrylic-textured paint


Width 76cm x Height 61cm x Thickness 1.5cm.

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